JCK can provide full planning integration services including Airport, Installation, Main contractor, OEM and any other 3rd Party planning using Primavera P6.

The integrated planning can then be analysed using critical path, risk analysis tools.

In addition, the programme can be resource and cost loaded providing the ability to deliver Earned Value Analysis reports and KPI.

EVA (Earn Value Analysis) and Project Reporting

Labour Profile Analysis

Construction Phasing

Project Phasing

Buildability & Dependencies

Time Slices

Phase 1

Time slices are a graphical representation of the planning using the system 3D model (or system layout).

When linked with the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and the workpacks’ activities used in the planning tool (Primavera P6), these time slices become a tool to monitor site progress (planned vs realised) and therefore provide the site teams as well as the management with a detailed insight of the project progress.


Construction Animation (BIM 4D)

The combination of the 3D scans and 3D models can also be used for BIM (Building Information Modelling) 4D (including the time element and sequence) as well as clash detection.

This animation represent the baseline programme of a current logistic project (United Parcel Services) spanning over a construction period of 20 weeks and representing 35,000h.

Each section is an individual workpack (i.e. a set of predefined activities in the Schedule) allowing progress to be monitored in real time.

Additional information such as Enabling Works, Demolition Works, Temporary Works or Different Trades can be shown as well when required.